Monday, October 17, 2005

Getting shirty

Now, most people probably heard the story from a couple of weeks ago about a woman who got thrown off (well asked to wear her t-short inside out or leave) a plane for wearing a t-shirt. Now, I'm not quite sure how anyone thinks a t-shirt featuring Bush and Cheney and the phrase, "Meet the Fuckers" is either hilarious (as Lorrie Heasley, the woman in question, did) or offensive (as some narrow-minded passengers getting on the plane did) but that's besides the point. The point is that something is clearly all messed up if people get so irate over a t-shirt that somebody is asked to leave a plane.

Needless to say the discussion made me think of my favourite t-shirt:

Which I think it's fair to say some people would find offensive enough to have me thrown off a plane for. But apparently fear not, because, in a wonderful piece of marketing, those nice folks at T-Shirt Hell have our backs. If you get thrown off a plane for wearing one of their offensive t-shirts then they will make sure you get to your destination, possibly using their corporate jet. I think it's fantastic.

In fact I think it's such a fantastic offer that not only am I writing this about it, but I'm also getting the frankly brilliant:

Who'd have thought five words could mean so much, and be so clever? (I also bought this t-shirt, but it's not as exciting — for those times when one needs to be a somewhat reserved). I didn't have the courage to buy the I plane NY shirt yet though, well I'd have the courage to buy it but I'm not sure I'd have the courage to wear it.)

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