Tuesday, April 12, 2005

We live in a world where...

...Cookie Monster, of Sesame Street fame, is going on an anti-obesity drive. Apparently he's going to tell the kiddies that "A Cookie is a Sometimes Food". Sometimes I hate the world.

On the subject of cookies, the hotel I'm staying at — I've relocated from California to Texas, via Ohio, for those who aren't in the know, has free cookies in the front lobby. It's all a little bit odd. Actually it's quite odd to be in Texas and find that there are no dusty tumbleweed covered plains, in fact everything is beautifully green and lush. I almost feel cheated. Where is my stereotypical Texas?

On the subject of beauty, my neighbourhood looked really rather pleasant as we drove to the airport this morning. The little white and pink buds were on the trees for the first time, and life was starting to be breathed into the spring. It was tres pretty, and it will all look different when I get home... (assuming I survive Texas).

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