Monday, April 25, 2005

Signs of Texas

On Saturday afternoon I was in shorts and sandals, paddling in a lake in Tyler State Park. On Sunday evening I was wearing jeans, thankfully, and sandals and walking through a snowstorm in Columbus, Ohio. A snowstorm? It's almost May, I thought they were joking when somebody at Dallas airport told me it was snowing in Columbus. Brrrhhh, I hope that I have now seen my last snow of the winter.

Still it's nice to be home and sleep on my own bed.

Anyhow, here's a few signs that made me smile.

East Texas Culture
<insert punchline here> I do like the way it's the "Museum for East Texas Culture" and not the "Museum of East Texas Culture". One nasty part of my mind is now thinking, "Isn't it nice that they've got the museum ready and waiting for when they find some culture in east Texas".

Liberty For Sale?
Two goats? Three sheep and horse? What would a reasonable offer be for Liberty?

Last Days
"A lasting word for the last days". Sometimes Texas is really really scary.

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