Tuesday, April 13, 2004

DVDs and taxes

I've just spent a very enjoyable weekend in bed with a cold and a copy of the Freaks and Geeks DVD. Until a couple of months ago I'd never even heard of the show. In fact I'm not quite sure where I did first here about it. Maybe it was from my Amazon recommendations or maybe it was from an interview with the creator of the O.C (which I quite like by the way). But anyway, from somewhere or other I heard about this show and then everywhere I looked I saw it mentioned and compared, favourably, to other TV shows which I liked. So, last week when it came out on DVD I decided to buy a copy. And now I'm in love.

Firstly, I'm in love with the show. How did this show get cancelled after 18 episodes? (not my fault I lived in London when this show aired.) It's got to be the best show ever created that deals with people going to school. The characters are so believable, as are the situations they find themselves in. Gone is the saccharin sweet bullshit coating that surrounds almost ever other "teen-drama" I've ever seen. Gone are the happy Hollywood endings. In comes some of the best music ever to grace a television show, and one of the best ensemble casts of young people and not young people that's been put together. As a show I can't fault it from start to finish.

Secondly, I love the DVD. This has got to be the best use yet of all the space you've got on a DVD, or 6, by a TV show. It comes packed with deleted scenes, behind the scenes footage, auditions, 29 commentaries and more. There's even a commentary done in character by three of the teachers, and some by fans of the show. After I'd watched all the episodes I started listening to some of these commentaries. The one overriding thing that comes out of the DVD commentaries is how much everybody enjoyed working on the show and how proud they all are of what they ended up with. And I can't blame them... I only wish I'd splashed out the extra 70 odd dollars for the special edition which came with all sorts of bells and whistles that the standard edition didn't have. If there is any justice, and let's be honest there rarely is, then this DVD will sell lots and lots and lots.

Lastly, there's Linda Cardellini...... another girl added to the "hopefully in another life" list

Today, I spent a not entirely enjoyable day filing my tax returns. Would it be possible to devise a more confusing and contorted system? Well okay, it probably would be possible but it would take some effort. Although it wasn't all bad, at the end of the day I'm getting a fairly substantial refund and my local form contains the following question.

"Has your state of federal income been changes as a result of an audit in the past 3 years?"

And the moral of the story is: don't just use a spell-checker, actually read the documents you produce. Come on it's not so hard to do it right.

Righty-ho I'm off now to continuing watching the 7th Season of Buffy on DVD. (I do occasionally do things other than watch DVDs... just not this week) It's all very exciting, I've got to be one of the view Buffy fans in the English speaking world who haven't actually seen this series, due to my never being in a country while they are showing it (America after, Britain before, Switzerland .... don't know what they are doing in Switzerland). So it's all new and shiny for me. Anyway.....<Slopes off into the distance to curl up and watch DVDs>

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