Friday, March 19, 2004


4 was wait.

To be specific, wait for help. I still don't understood 3 though. But I'm not paid to understand these things. Come to think of it, I'm not sure why I am paid. I suppose I must have my uses, but who knows what they might be.

I think that after 4 and half months here in lovely Pennsylvania I am starting to go somewhat insane. I think I need to get out of my empty flat and do more stuff. But... it's cold outside and I'm lazy and reclusive. So who knows what I actually need.

I spent last week driving around LA. And I really did spend most of my time just driving around aimlessly. Still it was nice to be back in something approximating a city... although LA doesn't really count, it's more just a sprawling mass of freeways.

It was also nice to have a car, albeit a rental car, for a week. Living here in lovely State College sans voiture is not entirely ideal. Everything is just a bit too far away and a bit too hard to get to on the bus. If I ever get my arse in gear and save up some money maybe I'll be able to purchase a lovely little vehicle. But given my track record of frittering away money I'm not holding my breath.

On the flight to LA I was reading a story about a guy whose plane crashed as he was reading a story about a plane crash. And I thought that it was rather good. The short story was by Iain M. Banks in a book called "The State of The Art". Most of the stories were very good. The man is clearly rather smart. Not to mention being something of a talented writer. Or should I say author?

My friend, Chris, convinced me to go and see "The Passion of The Christ" while I was staying with him in Pasadena (actually it didn't take too much convincing). And to paraphrase the late (genius) Bill Hicks, my quick capsule review is "Piece of Shit". The film was guilty of being self indulgent and boring. Never mind all the nonsense about anit-semitism and unnecessary violence and all the rest of the bullshit. The film was just crap. Mad religious fuckers who go and see it will love it and any normal person will find it a graphically unmoving experience. Except for the scene where Jesus invents the kitchen table. Which will make most people go... huh???? But, maybe I'm just going to hell. Or maybe I think that St. Bridget of Sweden was just some mad biddy when she said Jesus told her he was beaten 6666 times on the body. Whatever floats your boat though.

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