Tuesday, March 23, 2004

Should really be working

For some reason I can't motivate myself to do any work at the moment. I think the reason may be that I am lazy. Or maybe it is the result of some neurological disease. Chances are that it is just laziness.

I am currently listening to the Frost song Duo, which contains the lines:

"Her goldfish drowned that day
He tried to kiss her tears away"
Which, for some reason I can't quite understand, I really like. It also reminds me of when I was little (can't remember how old maybe 8 or 10) me and my nextdoor neighbour spent an afternoon throwing stones form my garden in to my other neighbour's pond. Then later that evening these neighbours came round to tell us we'd killed all the little fishies in their pond. So there you go don't throw stones in your neighbours fish pond, cause you might get in trouble for fish genocide.

By the way the Frost album is really quite good, if you like the Scandinavian electronica kind of music.>/p>

On the subject of music. One of my favourite artists at the monent is Thea Gilmore. I heard about her from Neil Gaiman's blog, and like her last two albums enough (the only ones readily available over here in the US) that I'm going to drive to Pittsburgh on Thursday to listen to her play at Club Cafe. I foolishly bought my tickets through ticketmaster, who charge a $2.75 convienience charge and then a $3.10 processing charge... grrrhhh! Still never mind, it's not everyday that I go to listen to live music. Hopefully it will be as amazing as Mr Gaiman claims. Judging by the albums it should be pretty good.

Umm... there are probably a few other things I could put here. I would say watch Wonderfalls at 9pm (Eastern) on Fox, if I thought that anybody was actually reading what I write. It seems as though I'm going to say it anyway.

Should probably get back to that work thing. Well first I'm going to wander up and down the corridor a bit wishing I had a wall, an electricity box, an empty Corona bottle and a football. Sadly those days have now passed.

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