Monday, December 22, 2003

So, here I am again. And I wonder what I have been wondering about this week. To be perfectly honest at the moment I can barely remember what my name is. I'm suffering from that pre-Christmas, post weekend of shifts starting at 6am, still haven't got a bed so I'm sleeping on the floor, Monday afternoon fatigue. I don't quite know why I keep on yawning... the all you can eat Indian buffet for lunch probably didn't help.

Despite these feelings of melancholy (not sure if that's spelled corectly... but frankly who cares)... or not really melancholy.. not sure what the correct phrase is. But despite whatever it is I'm feeling, there are some things that have made me smile over the last few weeks.

Firstly, "Where is the love?" by the Black Eyed Peas... due to a year spent living in three countries and the small distraction of writing a thesis, I did not hear this song until Saturday morning (while I was on shift, and watching the VH1 top 40 videos of the year). And I thought that it was bloody good. And then this morning I was listening to the Christmas UK singles chart (the number one of which is the marvellous Mad World from Donnie Darko (which is also bloody marvellous)) it came on at the end of the show, as it is (or it might be) the top selling single of the year. Anyway, bringing a long divergence to an end... heard it, liked it, bought it.

Above my office is a half height floor as in Being John Malkovich.... no idea why... but I think you'll agree it's simply brilliant.

Firefly... being a typical young male of my generation, I quite like science fiction (double feature....). And Joss Whedon, made Buffy which is quite possibly the best thing to come out of America. So, I'd been hearing little bits and pieces about his show.. and then it came out on dvd and for only $30 or so I got myself a copy. And it is very good. I was somewhat dubious about a space/western but you've got to love it (unless you are a Fox executive), the characters are good, the one liners are occasionally witty.. and it livened up my (bedless) apartment for some of the last week. If you haven't seen get down to your local dvd establishment and purchase yourself a copy.

Probably the best thing that I have discovered in the last few weeks... is the music of one Rob Dougan. He has an album out called Furious Angels.... and it is (to use a phrase popularised by one of my friends) tres be-bleeding-bien. The only reason that I ever heard this Album, is that whilst (you've got to love a whilst) I was in Switzerland a friend of mine bought the Album.. and kept on telling me how good it was. So I ripped the cd into mp3's, and then didn't really listen to the songs for a good couple of months. It was only when I arrived in sunny (it was the day I arrived) Pennsylvania that I got round to listening to the mp3s. And after a few listens (or whatever the correct word is) I thought this is really rather good, so I went up to my local Best Buy and searched around for a while before purchasing the cd. And why, you ask, am I telling you this tale.... because I would never have bought this cd if it wasn't for the fact that I (possibly) illegally copied it. My little push in the direction that draconian copyright and digital media laws are not necessarily in the best interests of the artists and record companies.

The main thing that has been annoying me recently is my hair. Desperately in need of a hair cut. It has got to the stage where my hair is just in the periphirary of my vision... how I long for the £5 haircut place on Tottenham Court Road (except it's now £6).

There was something else.... but I have forgotten. What bloody use is a mind if it can not contain information, for any length of time.

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