Monday, December 01, 2003

Another uneventful weekend has passed... and lo and behold I'm still here and moving around. The highlight of my weekend was probably visiting the British aisle of the local Wegman's (or is it Wegmans?) supermarket. It was a thrilling experience... they had Bird's Eye custard (which I didn't buy) and Colman's mustard (which I did) and lots of other stuff I can no longer remember despite the fact that it was only yesterday that I went there.

The highlight of my week has to be the fact that I found on dvd to films that I have been looking for on and off for the last...long time. They are "The Sure Thing", which is I guess just a silly romantic comedy (and here is big manly me looking like something of a big girl's blouse for saying I like the film) but it's done very well and it's hard not to like it, and "A Boy and His Dog" which is a great old sci-fi film featuring a telepathic dog and sex crazy boy. (And I'm pleased to see that I have now elevated myself from soppy fool to geek... and desperate geek by the sound of it.) Anyway, they are both very good films. And I was particularly pleased that I had forgotten how "A Boy...." ends.

To try and recover some manliness (is that a word? yes... aparently it used to mean human kindness. But now it means strength, fortitude, etc.... which is closer to what I meant, and also virility.... which is not.), I'd like to say that the highlight of last week was watching England win the Rugby World Cup. Admittedly I'd have preferred to be watching it in the pub on a big screen... as oppossed to sat at home at 4 in the morning (I am currently living in the good ol' US of A), naked apart from my England shirt crouched in front of my laptop (my TV didn't arrive until monday) watching a shitty picture (because the coaxial connector on my tv tuner box takes a european style cable, and unsurprisingly the cable box comes with a US style cable... so I had to actually force the cables together) that I had paid over $25 to watch. But it was still worth it to get one over the bloody Australians, it happens so rarely..... but hopefully this will mark a turning point (you might call it a `watershed' if you were Gerrard Houllier) for English... nay British sport. More than likely though it's just a blip and we will be back to our normally role of good loser before the too much longer (Sri Lanka anyone?).

And I was somewhat annoyed that Chelsea beat United (and yes I know other teams are called United) at the weekend (and no I've never been to Old Trafford..... and yes I can justify this... but I'll save that for later). Still it's a long season. At least I got to see them beat Liverpool last week..... it was even on the tele.

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