Wednesday, November 17, 2004

An unnecessary observation?

As I mentioned before, I use the (insert positive adjective here) Mozilla browser, Firefox. It has a nice new feature called Live Bookmarks, these take RSS feeds and provide easy access to headlines and news stories (well to anything that someone has made an RSS feed for, like this blog for instance). Anyhow, to cut a dull story short, I just read this headline from my Guardian live bookmark, Prince Charles's household 'elitist'. I found this very amusing (the headline not the story, I couldn't be bothered to actually read the story). A prince's household elitist, whatever next?

In case anyone is interested, and to try and proved I'm not just a Guardian reader, my other live bookmarks are: BBC News, Slashdot, Neil Gaiman, Telegraph (News, Sport, Football, Expat, Art and Books), Guardian (News, UK News, World News, Sport, Football, Books and Film), BBC Sport (Front Page, Football, Cricket, Rugby, Motorsport, Cycling and US Sport) and The Register. The BBC ones are very strange the news feed has some huge number of headlines, whilst all the sport ones only have three headlines.

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Anonymous said...

It turns out that not only is his household elitist, it's also heirarchical. Wonders will never cease.